Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I didn't even have to stick my finger in her ear

Years ago, I developed a mostly untested theory that I can mind meld with humans by inserting my index fingers in their ears while they stick their index fingers in my ears.  I've offered several humans the opportunity to get a quickie glimpse into the inner workings of my mind before they commit to the full on mind meld.  This far, no takers.  I nearly got the favorite 11 year old (back when she was the favorite 9 year old) to try it on the offer that I already know my multiplication tables.  Unfortunately, she decided that taking short cuts wasn't worth the other possible side effects.  (I suspect she was unduly influenced by The Phenom in this decision.)

Anyhoo, yesterday, one of my minions discovered "the good grocery store."  This gave me the opportunity to fan her new found love with little perks you might not think to ask for in a regular grocery store.  And, then, she said it .  .  . that someday she wants me to take her to ALL MY FAVORITE STORES.  It will mean a full day road trip . . . but she'll thank me.  And a happy minion is an obedient minion.  

I knew this one had real potential when she brought my whole office cupcakes on the mildest of suggestions.  

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Minion said...

We still need to go to the actual good groceries in the state.