Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Green Thumbs and fingers and toes

Several years ago, the Old Man pulled up a couple little blueberry roots for me to plant in my yard.  One survived, the other quickly died.  I replaced the dead blueberry, only for it to die on me too.  And, again, last year, I planted yet another "second" blueberry.  It survived the summer, but this spring was looking decidedly like dried up twigs stuck in the dirt while the original blueberry was leafed out and blooming.

I told Phenom I'd probably managed to slaughter yet another blueberry and to just mow it down.

UNTIL THIS WEEK!!!  And the darned thing has now leafed out.  Too small for blooms, just yet . . . but LEAVES!!! NOT DEAD!!!

Now, the fact it leafs out the week the other bush drops its flowers probably means having two is going to be fairly worthless (cross pollination).  BUT NOT DEAD!!!

I'm claiming victory anyway.

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