Wednesday, March 06, 2013

All by myself

All my co-workers are out of the office this week.  (Well, except for interns and part time folks.)  But, that means there are stretches of time when I am left unsupervised.  Hee Hee

I did "mess" with one co-worker's office already.  I re-covered her couch.  It's now HOT PINK instead of dirty off white.  I used an inexpensive set of sheets and we spent about an hour yesterday morning sewing the sheets to make a cover for the couch.  Usually, I do something along the lines of covering everything on her desk with tin foil or preserving her stapler in jello.

A fellow monkey friend has just talked me down from my creative uses for toilet paper ideas.  Instead, the other co-worker's office is going to become the scene of a mass balloon execution.  I hope this afternoon's intern can blow up balloons.  OOOOh, I'll make "crime scene tape" out of toilet paper! 

This will teach them to leave me alone again.  You'd hope.

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