Monday, December 31, 2012

Smokin' in the new year

A long time ago, I don't remember how long, I mused that I needed to learn to tame smoke if I wanted to make a respectable bbq.  Typically, when I make bbq, I cheat and make it inside.  ( I know, I should be lashed with a wet noodle.)  I will take a large boston butt, rub it with dry-rub, wrap it up and leave it in the fridge overnight.  Then, brown it and pop it in a dutch oven, and in the oven on low temp for several hours.  It is sweet and spicy and juicy and easy.  But, not really bbq.

Then, came along The Phenom's "brother from another mother" who is from Texas and seriously knows what he's doing with fire and meat.  Phenom eats smoked meat like a man released from prison. 

For his birthday this year, I got Phenom a smoker.  Not that Phenom has the slightest interest in cooking, taming smoke, or being around open flames.  But, he sure enjoys what I've been playing around with on the smoker.

For the new year, I'm firing up the smoker again.  I have new, chunk charcoal to try (should burn longer than the preformed little pillows of dust).  It's fun to wander through the store and find stuff to throw on the smoker.

Tomorrow, I will be smoking jalapenos, tomatoes, chicken, and turkey breast.  I plan to use the smoked tomatoes for pasta sauce later in the week.  I will be using a tasty jerk rub on the chicken and black/red pepper on the turkey.  I'll also make hoppin' john and a wilted spinach salad.  The salad won't really be healthy, since it will be a warm bacon dressing on it.  Yum.

I'll also have margaritas in the frozen drink machine. 

Happy New Year to Ya'll.

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