Friday, November 30, 2012

Keepin' Busy

When I have too much to think about, I like to keep myself busy with irrational worries.  While trying to put out of my mind the horror that was the last few months of the Old Woman's life, I've been busily worrying about people I've never actually met.

One way I was able to keep myself occupied over the thanksgiving holiday was worrying about our insurance agent at the office.  It seems that every year, the company we purchase insurance through, changes our agent.  Some years, the agent bothers to introduce themselves, other years they just remain anonymous behind the pounds of paperwork they send us.

This year, we have a guy who has some social skills.  He called the week before the holiday mini-break to discuss options and get some updated information from us before preparing our policy for the year.  In our conversation, in he mentioned that he was planning on traveling to Israel and doing service work.

I don't have to tell you, that was a particularly scary time to have anyone traveling to and around Israel.  And, I spent way too much time concerned about his well being.

Today, he called again.  He is safely back.  He didn't actually see anything that might have been filmed for CNN, and the worst he got from his travels was a cold.

Now, who is next for me to worry about?

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