Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Sleep, Glorious Sleep

I am fond of sleep.  I usually can sleep anywhere, in any position, with any sort of distraction.  I once slept through a tornado going through the front yard.  And, frankly, I need plenty of sleep.  It makes me feel better . . . and look a whole lot better when I get a good amount of sleep.

But, since the Old Woman died, I've not slept through the night.  When I wake up for the middle of the night wazz, I have trouble falling back to sleep.  It seems that I finally just make it back to sleep when the alarm will jolt me awake again.  Sporting dark bags under my eyes is not a good thing.

Even with copious amounts of boozy drink, I hardly slept in NOLA.  The room had an air conditioning system that sounded like we were in an airfield, and the controls were in another room.  (Read, small, historic, "charming" hotel.)  So, we were freezing as well.  The whole thing would shut down at some point in the wee hours.  But, the lure of fun and more boozy drink got us up fairly early.

When we got home, my sleep was interrupted by a call from our alarm company at 3:15am.  And then, this morning I had to get up when I normally am making the mid-night bathroom run and get on the road for a very very early meeting.

I did get a nap today.  But, what I'd really like is just 5 or 6 hours uninterrupted.  Please?

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