Thursday, September 20, 2012

It matches

You know what goes with emotional exhaustion?  Physical exhaustion, silly.  And, I'm sporting both looks these days.  Frankly, since the end of July, it's been one long slog of grinding my teeth at night and trying to hork up a lung and juggling 16 eggs at once.

My office is expanding.  But, first, we had to expand our office.  We searched high and low for a new office, and frankly, found something better than we thought existed.  We moved this past week. The details nearly killed me.  Frankly, I've not worked them all out yet.  But, today we got phone service back.  Hopefully, we'll have interwebz when I get into the office in the AM.  I have one more work person needing to do a job, and then we'll be fully settled.  Except for all that lousy unpacking.

And, given the state of complete emotional exhaustion I'm in, I'm totally willing to just never actually unpack everything.

I feel a well deserved drunk coming on.  Really well deserved.  Trust me.

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