Monday, September 03, 2012

Culinary hell, emphasized

The wedding was lovely.  The bride beautiful.  The vows heartfelt.  The blessings of family and friends genuine.  And, without actually looking like it was on the cheap, it also didn't look like they'd spent too much on the event either.  I hate to see young people put themselves deeply into debt for a wedding.

But, the real highlight of the weekend was all the really excellent food.  The wedding was catered by a relation of the bride and featured bright, fresh and imaginative food.  But, I see that bright, fresh, and imaginative food is the norm in the Asheville, NC area.  And, locally sourced with local beers.  We started out in a little, tiny place that featured locally sourced food.  Some was classic comfort food (big bowl of pasta for kiddos rather than frozen chicken fingers) and a fine array of vegetarian options and creative offerings using local, seasonal ingredients.  And, frankly, I don't think I saw a beer from a "big brewery" any place.

We went to a local ice cream shop that makes some really creative flavors.  I had thai curry ice cream (I find the smell of green curry completely intoxicating) and salted licorice ice cream, as well as a couple of classic flavors.  Phenom tried avocado ice cream, and wished it had been richer.

We ended our visit with a meal at the restaurant at the farmer's market.  The place features huge, yummy biscuits, and much of what is served is sourced from the market.  I ate enough to pop.

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