Sunday, September 30, 2012

A peek into how my thought process works

I've been making an effort to waste less food lately.  But, buying/making just enough for two is difficult.  The obvious solution?  Inflict my culinary efforts on ESK, of course!

Tomorrow, I'm bringing lunch into the office.  Phenom asked for garlic bread (really, the bread is just a vehicle for butter) with tomorrow night's meal.  But, the grocery store was selling french loaves in twins.  I thought about freezing one loaf.  Then, I thought I could make lunch out of it.

So, I pickled some red bell peppers (char under the broiler, cover and when cooled, peel and slice . . . add into a mixture of equal parts red wine vinegar and sugar with a pinch of salt, a healthy shake of red pepper flakes, and one large garlic clove finely chopped) and I bought some goat cheese.  I also have some very sweet, crisp apples.

And, VOILA!  The bread isn't wasted, and we get a lunch better than what we could buy anywhere around here.  And, I only spent $12 on extra ingredients to save on not wasting a dollar worth of bread.  SMART!

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