Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Students, BOSS, The Students!

Ah yes . . . it's student intern time again.  This year, we are hosting three bright-eyed little hopefuls.  THREE!!!!  And, we have one student from a school outside the immediate area, but her Grandma lives nearby, and she can live rent free for a few months.

So far . . . we have the little dear one that cannot figure out the three-hole punch.  Both ESK and I have tried to explain the complexities of "you slide the paper in, and butt it up against the stop here and press" . . . she still holds each sheet up to the last one she punched and then "eyeballs" it on the hole puncher.

We have the picky eater.  The picky eater with peculiar habits . . . like she'll eat steak but not hamburger.  When she gets something like a sausage patty or chicken sandwich, she will eat around the outside but doesn't eat the "inside" of food.  We have figured out that she just hasn't been exposed to that many foods, and we have asked that she at least try some new things while in our office.  (It's gonna be a long boring semester if she will only eat baked potatoes and ice berg lettuce.)

And, the third one doesn't read or watch the news, doesn't pay attention to current events at all, kinda lives in a media vacuum.  I can't even imagine what that's like.  SHE HAS NO INTEREST OR OPINION ABOUT THE CURRENT ELECTION OR POLITICS IN GENERAL.  She might be from mars.

But, so far, none of them are spending their entire waking lives trying to bamboozle some poor boy into marrying them . . . and that is an improvement.

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