Monday, July 09, 2012

Your moment of "ew"

I don't make this stuff up, people.  But, when I'm forced to face it, I feel everyone else should too.

One of the people on my "friends" list on facebook is a guy I know from high school.  We also attended the same college, but rarely crossed paths.  He now is married, has several children, and does something with computers for a large business.

When the facebook obsession first came along, I started getting messages from women on my "friends" list wanting to know who this guy was (they asked me because I was the only mutual friend between the women on my list and this guy) and why was he friend requesting them?  Honestly, I couldn't figure out why he was friend requesting women he didn't know, and would never have the occassion to ever know.

I contacted him and asked him to stop.  It was giving women the willies.  And, frankly, I assumed he was just padding his friends numbers and being a nerd about it.

But, then he didn't stop.  I continued to hear from women, often times fairly young women, that he was friend requesting them.  I contacted him again and told him I found it disturbing that a married man who professes to be a christian was spending so much time friending women he didn't know.  And, if you looked over his friends list, you found that 8 of 10 of his friends were women, often very young women.

He stopped, so far as I know.  I haven't had anymore of my friends ask about him.

But, a couple of weeks ago, posts started showing up in his feed (which then show up in the niffy "lists" feed on everyone else's page) from some "weekly match" site.  Apparently, he went trolling around the interwebs, looking for hook-ups, and now that site is posting hook-up opportunities on his page.  I was willing to dismiss it as a spam posting, the first couple of times.  But, now that I get to see his "weekly match" every Monday morning, well, it gives me the creeps.

Should I message him and tell him that it's creepy, and public?  I've already unsubscribed to him in my main feed.  Or, do I unfriend him completely?  

Cheating on your spouse is creepy.  Using social media to seek out your hook-ups is common and dumb (um, electronic trail = divorce court).  Posting about your trolling for cheating is pathetic.

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