Friday, July 27, 2012

Why I love NOLA

Sad news in NOLA this morning.  The Hubig Pie Bakery burned down.  Total loss of the building.

Hubigs are little single serve fried pies.  They have several standard flavors, like chocolate and lemon but they also have a rotation of seasonal flavors like blueberry and sweet potato.  When they can, they use local sources for their fillings.  They don't have lots of crap in them, so the "eat by" date on the package (usually about a week to 10 days after baking) really is an EAT BY date.

Every time we go to NOLA, we garner laughs from the TSA screeners because my carry-on bag is filled with Zapps Potato Chips, Hubig Pies, and prailines. 

I'm sad the factory burned down.  Very sad.  I'm sad for the company that worked so hard to come back after Katrina put them out of business the first time.  I'm sad for the 40 employees who are out of work for the foreseeable future.  I'm sad for the farmers who supply produce to the company.  This fire is devastating. 

But, what I love is that less than six hours after the fire broke out, several local NOLA companies have already announced that they are working on a plan to help bring the company back.  THAT, my friends, is community.  And, it's why I love NOLA so much.  It may be a big town, but it is a community.

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