Monday, July 30, 2012

Almost there

I think I've almost become a grown up.  Maybe.

True story.  Back in college, I was perched up on my loft, my roommate was on her bed, and we were dutifully studying.  I piped up and said "you know what I really appreciate, now that I'm grown up?"  And my roommate, very dryly, said "Now?"  I don't remember what I was gonna say after that.  I probably had some deep thought, or the secret to the meaning of life, or something equally important to say, and now it's lost!

Fast forward a couple of decades, and I'm still trying to figure out what it means to be grown up.  This topic of conversation came up recently.  One friend said it's when you start weeding out your friends because they have wholly different values from you.  Another chimed in and said that you weed your friends because they're too much drama.  A third said it's when you have to take a baby's temperature rectally.  (She won the conversation, btw.)  Other suggestions from the conversation included: being able to pull off the perfect parallel park, when you have to start making decisions for loved ones, when you decline an invitation because you have work obligations, being able to have ice cream for dinner,  or when the dude at the liquor store pity cards you.

I've done several of the items on this list.  This means I'm grown now, right?  And, it was frozen yogurt, not ice cream, last night.

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