Tuesday, July 17, 2012


From ComCon, of all places. 

I have a friend who attended ALL THREE DAYS of ComCon recently.  I will admit that I am disappointed that she and her husband decided not to dress up as zombie Dorothy and the brainless Scarecrow, but her simple and brutally effective evilness is an inspiration for me to step up my own game.

I told her, in advance of the event, that one of the Phenom's colleagues would be exhibiting.

She found his booth and started acting like just a normal fan.  She bought all three of his books and asked if he would sign them to her.  The first was for her, and the second for a "friend" . .  . and she started spelling P-H-E-N-O-M . . . and he stops, looks at her and says "I know Phenom" and she is all like "really?" and he's all "Yeah, I've worked with Phenom" and she's all like "that is so cool" and let him be all freaked about how it really is a small world.  She did tell him that Phenom is a fan of his work and that Phenom turned her on to his work.

But, the truly beautiful part of the plan is that now, this guy is going to suddenly assume that Phenom could pick him out of a line up and Phenom will be all "who are you?" . . . hee hee.

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