Sunday, July 22, 2012

I will probably regret this . . .

ESK and I talk of food pretty much daily.  Last week, she made one of my faves . . . moussaka.  I can't say it was wholly spontaneous.  I did give her the eggplant out of my CSA (community supported agriculture . . . look into it for your own community) while giving her the whole batted eye lash expectant look I perfected to get Phenom to do my bidding.

Some how, we got onto the issue of crock pots and how I absolutely suck at using the crock pot.  She is always surprised at my rants about the crock pot.  I would love to be able to stick food in it, leave it on, and come home to dinner made already.  But, most of the food I make in it, comes out tough.

But, she insists that bbq chicken is good in the crock pot.  So, I'm going to try it one more time.

But, then we both confessed that we actually have fond memories of liking tuna noodle casserole.  I use to make a perfectly disgusting version in a hot pot in college.  And, now I'm craving tuna casserole.  I looked through my collection of Junior Service League cookbooks (I love local, community cookbooks . . . rarely make anything worth eating from them, but find them interesting.) and didn't find a single recipe.

Fortunately, the Joy of Cooking has a recipe and it doesn't even call for canned cream of mushroom soup.  (Hate that stuff.)  So, while Phenom recovers from the bug he picked up this weekend, I'll make tuna casserole for me and heat up some homemade chicken broth for him.

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