Friday, June 08, 2012


Ya'll knew I have a huge competitive streak, right?  I mean, I totally get that I'm the top monkey OF THE PLANET, but I also really, really like winning against humans.  This is why Phenom and I don't play board games or tennis anymore.  When we played tennis, I would end up imagining his head as the ball and send it sailing over the fence.

But, I will tell you how to win facebook.  Probably, if applied appropriately, win the internet.

First, folks on facebook love sappy.  So, post something really sweet about your lover.  Post about how you met or your first date or how you knew they were "the one."  MAD LIKES!!!  Pretty much, you will be the homecoming queen of facebook.

Follow up the sappy with photos of your cat.  Or your neighbor's cat, if you're allergic.  If you can catch the cat doing something uber cute, like sleeping or head tilted slightly while it decides which part of your face it wants to eat first, even better.

Thats it.  All you need . . . sappy posts about the love of your life and cat pictures. 

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