Thursday, June 07, 2012

Super Terrific Fun Time

The other night, while on the phone with my favorite 10 year old, we had the following conversation:

her: I gave everyone in my class a nut name
me: Really? Like what?
her: Nut-nut, Nutty 13
me: oh.  What do they call you?
her: the evil one

Yeah, you can see my influence on the child.  I'm having a lot of fun with her lately.  Last night, we were on the phone and playing an online game together.  She beat me every single round.  And, what I think she likes more than beating me is the exclamations of pain and agony that go along with a sound beating.  Although, I do admit, one time I did let a "grown up word" fly.  Nothing she hasn't said herself.  But, I'm suppose to act like the responsible monkey.

In just a little while, we'll be taking our favorite 10 year old on a little vacation.  This is a first for us, taking a kid with us on vacation rather than a drinking buddy.  Of course, if she hadn't beaten me so badly in the game last night, I might have been willing to share my beers with her.  But, nope, I'm gonna keep them to myself.

But, I did realize that this age is sort of a practical joke on the part of mother nature.  10 year olds are so much fun.  They can dress themselves.  They can take a bath and go to the bathroom by themselves.  They have a sense of humor and a vocabulary.  But, they still want to hang out with you and include you in their lives.  But, I know that the days of headphones and bad poetry and glares that go past you are not that far off.

I plan to enjoy as much of this age as I can, and hope that the teen years aren't too bad.

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