Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Warming to it

I'm posting it here because ESK is tired of me talking about it and thinks I should just give up already.  I watched the final episode of Girls for the season.  And, I'm warming up.  Of course, the season ended so my obsession should abate for several months.

I'm hoping that what the writer was going for was several episodes to demonstrate how young and clueless the characters actually are and the end of the season movement will continue to next season.

Hannah is finally getting the relationship she wants with Adam.  Marnie is realizing that she'd boxed herself in and prematurely defined who she was before ever even arriving in NYC.  Jessa is still running around being outrageous, but I wonder if that will be her life story.  And the virgin, whose name escaped me due to near total lack of development as a character, is about to embark on being fuckable.

At the end of the season, all of the girls are making 180 changes in their lives.  I'm hoping that with Marnie and Hannah, they are realizing that they have finally made the leap to being New Yorkers, but they aren't actually living the lives they imagined being New Yorkers would lead them to being.  I hope next season, Marnie has some fun, outrageous experiences.  I hope Hannah realizes that if she actually wants to be the voice of her generation she is going to have to stop waiting for the world to just notice her as she stands in the corner, shoving cake into her mouth, and she will work really really hard to both hone that voice and get louder. 

I think, at season end, I like the character of the virgin best.  She is still in school, but she seems to have a direction.  She may be flawed and struggle to figure out who she is, but she is aware that she is struggling and awkward and it is still endearing.  Hannah is so terrified of her own shadow that she effs up everything before she it threatens to be good.  Marnie is just discovering how to have fun.  And, Jessa is going to float from disaster to disaster, and never take responsibility for her part.

Maybe my initial reaction to the show was I so clearly remember that time in my own life, in the lives of the people I hold dear.  But you know what?  If you don't eff it up too badly, you do grow up.

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