Sunday, April 01, 2012

Not So Deep or Dark Secret

The other day, in the office, ESK and Baby (the name we've assigned to one of the interns) and I were talking about upcoming events, and making note of when deliveries are expected to the office.  I mentioned that I have a personal item being delivered to the office.  And, somehow, we ended up talking about the days when I had something of an Ebay habit.

ESK and Baby were aghast as I described how the bidding on Ebay was too much like gambling for me to resist and how I tended towards vindictive bidding when someone got into a bidding war with me.  And, how finally,  had to close out my paypal account and just walk away, cold turkey.

Thing I found amusing was that ESK was surprised by this.  I mean, really, after 5 years this would surprise her?

But, since our conversation, all I can think about, today, is just checking out Ebay.  Just see what there is . . .

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