Thursday, March 29, 2012


When we moved to this little culinary hell, we left a community with curb-side recycling.  This place . . . well a few years ago when the state mandated that certain recyclable items not be thrown away, they had to hastily set up two dumpsters for folks to use for those items.  They weren't emptied often enough and the openings for dumping into were well above my head.

And, last night, the city dropped off a curb side recycling container!!!!!  We have, FINALLY, joined the 20th century!  Of course, they gave no instructions other than a sticker listing the items they now recycle on top of the container.  Nothing about when pick up will be, or what have you.

But, now they will take the cornucopia of recyclables.  When I mentioned to Phenom to put the foil from tonight's dinner prep in the recycle bin instead of the trash, I got lip about how we don't want to go "too crazy" and "recycle too much."

In the words of the Old Woman, WHATEVER.

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