Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Time

The pollen has hit us hard.  And, although we've been promised rain for the last several days, all we seem to get is a spitting that just makes the pollen stick even harder.

But, the good news is that the cucumbers, peas, and radishes are already popping up in the crop circle.  Admiring the freshly planted crop circle, last week, I realized that it was perhaps one of the few good things that came from a rather bad time a few years back.  I love planning what I'm going to plant each year, and I'm so proud of the veggies I pick.

Also, spring time brings out the sillies in our critters.  I let Chester have a "soft" toy, and it was all of 10 minutes before he tried to eat its head.

We have a free loader kitty I've taken a liking to.  We call him Mr Peepers because he likes to sit in our windows and watch us.  He thinks the dog is silly and has little to do with him, other than keeping an eye on him. . . . and judging him harshly.

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