Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Trouble with Newt

I find it pretty amazing that the media hones in on Newt's long history of marital infidelities as possibly making him questionable as presidential material.  They seem to have forgotten, completely, that he was forced to resign from congress because of ethics issues.  I'm thinking that ethics violations sufficient to make congress tell you to pack your bags and leave the key on the front table on your way out automatically negates your fitness for the presidency.

But, my issues with Newt are a lot more personal.  Remember that speech where he said poor children don't have the ethic of showing up every Monday? Putting in a full day?  (I thought we trained that into all children, irregardless of socio-economic status, by making school attendance compulsory.)  His self-righteous, mean-spirited, ignorant spewing of his opinion of poor children (as if they were truly the problem bringing down wall street . . . what with their wanting to go to quality schools and eat and be safe in their homes) he reminds me of the Old Man.

As much as I love the Old Man, he suffers from "white old man" syndrome.  He is stuck, in his own mind, in a time where work was harder, walking to school barefooted in the snow up-hill both ways was harder, and a nickel bought a whole lot more era of his life.  The fact of the matter is, in the "good old days" people were pining for another era they thought were easier, simpler.

You'll never move ahead if you spend all your time looking in the past.  I think it's time for Newt to take his nostalgia and find a quiet beach house somewhere, and leave good, hard-working, folks alone.

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