Monday, January 30, 2012

My other world

Today, I had one of those days when all tasks magically doubled themselves.  I had a 22 page report due (actually, due tomorrow) and after submitting it, HQ happened to mention that they needed the same report filled out for a separate project and I wouldn't mind, would I?  I have a budget due but we have to use some new computerized system that requires regional managers to sign on and sign off . . . good luck chasing them down.

There was other stuff too. . . plus getting ready for the regional manager's meeting later this week.  And, there is  my guest hosting of a student group complete with age appropriate activities to prepare.  It's enough to make a monkey decide a little mental escape is needed.

In my other little world, where I've won 100 million in the lotto . . . this is what I'd be doing this carnival season rather than pushing papers.

Or kicking back on a balcony with a tall, frosty drink and watch the parade pass me by.

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