Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Big Secret

I know you humans are always looking for the "secret of life."  That, and a good face cream.  Today, I stumbled upon one of the secrets to life.  And, I can sum it up in a soundbite that would fit nicely onto a t-shirt.

The back story:  I like to follow people's facebook activities.  I've watched relationships explode over the course of 5 status updates.  I've seen some very funny exchanges from a fairly simple status.  I've seen total nerds give all the lyrics to disco tunes, line by line.

Last night, I watched a woman go down a worry spiral.  I know I only saw the surface of the event, but what I saw was interesting.  Apparently, relatives of hers decided well after dark to haul major appliances from one community to another.  She started by posting that she knew they were on the road, but had not heard from them.  She was starting to worry.  Then, she heard from them and learned the trailer they were hauling had a flat and they were stranded on the side of the highway, about 11pm.  She fretted and couldn't figure out what to do.  (I later learned that they were a mere 10 miles from her home and it never occurred to her that she might drive to their location and pick them up.)

Finally, there was an update that highway patrol had arrived, helped them unhook the trailer, and they were able to continue on their journey and hoped the trailer would be fine the next day.

Today, the status update was that the trailer was still intact, the tire fixed, and they were able to complete the last 10 miles of their route.

While watching this spiral, I couldn't help but be so very thankful that I am so very lucky as to know that if I found myself in a similar situation, I have 2 dozen people in my phone list who would either drop everything to come help me or would know who could help me better.  (I also have AAA.)

So, the soundbite secret to life?  Nothing like other people's families to make yours look sane.  Ain't it the truth?

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