Saturday, January 21, 2012

The American Dream

Our little town has something of a sensation happening right now.  A new cupcake shop has opened.  I know, cupcakes, like Sex and the City, are totally done in other parts of the planet.  But, in culinary hell, cupcakes are the new, big thing.  Next century, we'll move on to pie.

Anyway, I'm intrigued by this little business.  They opened in a store front in a tiny strip of shops.  They aren't in a particularly convenient spot.  And, all they do are cupcakes.

I heard about them from a friend.  She heard about them from a friend.  It seems they haven't done much in the way of advertising.  And, yet, in just a couple of weeks, they have accrued over 5,000 fans on facebook.

I had a friend who was feeling poorly the other day, so I thought I'd try the new cupcake place and pick her up a pick-me-up too.  The place was crowded.  They only take cash.  They have a rotating menu of 4 cupcakes a day.  People were gushing and talking about the cupcakes being like crack.  (Frankly, it made me more skeptical . . . given my assumption that way too many humans have ruined their palates with ranch dressing.)

I ordered some of each flavor and distributed them with several folks.  The sickie said it made her day.  My student gushed and inhaled hers.  And, Phenom licked the crumbs from the paper.

I hope they succeed.  This town needs something like this.  They do word of mouth advertising . . . which I believe is actually known as Marketing.  I heard the mother of the owner (who was working the cash register) say that they were selling 600 cupcakes a day.  Wow.  And, they were really good.

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