Sunday, December 04, 2011

One fell off

Finally! Cain has "suspended" his presidential campaign. I imagine that he can't bring himself to admit it's finally over for good. I shudder over the thought that he thinks that in a month, when the media feeding frenzy has looked for new bait, he'll come roaring back to a country with open arms. Ick. But, he does get big ol' cool points for bringing Pokemon into the realm of national politics, right?

As a living being, I find his arrogance and narcissism offensive. I have tremendous sympathy for his family. I imagine that they viewed this presidential run as "daddy's little project that keeps him busy and out of our business." I hope that his family can take on the attitude that all of his dirty deeds/laundry that has been aired thus far was the wages of sin, and not a reflection on them.

Now, if all you kids who will be 21 by Nov. 12, 2012 will vote for Rick Perry... Honestly, he reminds me of the weatherman character on Ron Burgundy.

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