Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The Old Woman liked to pick kale very young and tender, and saute it in butter. I spent a good bit of my life being a vegetarian. Even now, meat isn't served that often in our household.

And, ya'll know my proclivities run towards the liberal. I understand the frustration expressed by the occupy movement. When I hear about the intermingled way politics/big business/and money are screwing over the average person, I get frustrated too.

So, naturally my self-righteous indignation was dusted up when I heard on NPR that Chick-fil-a corporation has sent a "stop it right now or we'll flex our big corporate muscles to squash you little man" letter to the guy behind the "Eat More Kale" t-shirts. Talk about corporate greed and screwing over the small business man.

Go to the web site, look at the shirts, read his story . . . and ask yourself, at any time did you confuse his "eat more kale" message with chick-fil-a's advertising scheme? I didn't think so.

Perhaps Santa needs to dump some kale on the doorstep of the chick-fil-a headquarters . . . then they'd know the difference between fried chicken and a leafy green.

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