Friday, November 04, 2011

Why I can't accomplish anything

The other morning, during my drive to the office, I realized that I'd completed several large projects that had taken up several weeks of nagging in my brain, and that I have a couple precious days before I really have to start the next big project. I could actually have a day when I could turn my attentions to "low priority" projects! YAY!!!

And, then, I got to the office to discover that the wireless router had died over night. This meant, driving across town to get one at the office supply store (even overnight shipping was too slow). Then, unpacking the many parts to it, reading the instructions, unplugging many wires, plugging in new wires, uploading the new system, and then making sure all the office computers were online. Oh, and writing down the system id and password enough times that the next time we go offline, we can reboot everything without spending a whole day trying to remember what the log-in information was for this system.

Then, we had to get in touch with the copier company and go online with them and update the configuration for the copy/print center for the office. Then, go to each computer in the office and reset their default print ports.

Then, it was lunch time and time for the interns to arrive for their afternoon of projects/supervision.

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