Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Practically Perfect Day

I actually slept last night, thanks to a decongestant.

I had an early morning drive half way across the state for a meeting, but just a few miles from my destination, I passed a town in which one of my favorite craftspeople lives. I instantly made a plan to duck out of my meeting early and pay him a visit.

At my meeting, I got two "prizes" for being a smarty pants.

And, the meeting ended early, so no need to duck out. I spent a couple hundred dollars buying pottery from some of my favorite crafters.

Then, I realized that I could get home faster heading the opposite direction from whence I came, but it was a scenic route. I got a few moments to enjoy a crisp fall day and brilliant color. I plugged in my iPod and belted out tunes at the top of my lungs.

I've got a little situation in my life that is worthy of grieving, but I haven't had the time. So, I was able to express a bit of irrational emotion in the privacy of my car.

When I got back into town, I was in time to hit up my polling place. I've never missed an opportunity to vote since wrangling a voter registration card for myself. As opposed to when I normally go, in the mornings, the polls were nearly deserted so I could chat with the folks working the polls. All of the folks in my polling place live in my immediate community and this adds to the sense of belonging that comes from participating in the democratic process.

When I returned to my home, I had a thank you note from a friend's little boy. His parents wrote the body of the note, but he signed his name . . . for the first time in correspondence to me. It absolutely made my day. There was a time when it was believed he would never have this ability. So, it is even more special to me.

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