Thursday, November 24, 2011

Not bad, if I say so myself.

I have exhausted myself today. Seriously.

I'd planned on having a guest over for the holiday. I'd planned a large menu with lots of fancy flourishes. And, then I got the death disease and was half way to the great jungle beyond when I managed to rally and come back. I had to cancel my plan for guests or travels (lest I be contagious).

But, this morning, I awoke feeling about 65%. And that was good enough for me. And, I'm enough of a cheapskate that I can't bring myself to just waste all the food I bought.

So, I started my day serving Phenom a half grapefruit (a favorite) and coffee on a silver tray. (Not really silver, but shiny and silvery and a lovely gift from an old friend, so good enough) Then, I made a pumpkin cheesecake. I even remembered to use the wide foil to wrap around the spring form pan so no water would seep in.

I then made a shortened form of the dinner I'd planned and without any of the fancy flourishes. I roasted the turkey breast. I did chop up rosemary, sage, and thyme to mix into butter and put under the skin. I also put half an onion and an apple inside the cavity to flavor the drippings.

I made mashed potatoes with gravy (from the drippings and a little of the herb butter), rolls, and sauteed asparagus. I opened a can of that weird cranberry stuff that all humans seem to need. It was a simple dinner. But, the fresh herbs and the simplicity seemed to make it good enough.

Now, to figure out what to do with the wild mushrooms that would have gone into a dressing and the pablano peppers that should have gone into the corn pudding. Maybe some cream of mushroom soup? That'll have to wait until tomorrow. I'm wiped out.

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