Thursday, October 27, 2011


Well, I didn't do anything worthy of being arrested.

Last night, I drove across many communities to get an evening out with a friend and the chance to see two of my culinary heros.

I took the whole day off. I had a plummer come in and install a fancy new faucet in my kitchen sink. Because, that's what I consider a splurge these days. But, it is a cool faucet. . . the hose is in the faucet and there is a button you can push to get spray. But, I really got it because it has a nice, high profile and I need that. NEED IT.

While the plummer worked, I made a batch of my oatmeal cookies. My oatmeal cookies are unique because I put nutmeg instead of vanilla in them. Also, I like random dried fruits rather than plain raisins. This batch got a bag of mixed dried berries (cranberries, blueberries, and cherries).

I had a pleasant drive, and arrived just as my friend's work day was winding down. She and I caught up on the news and gossip while she made her son dinner. After we had a dinner of yummy mexican take out, we headed to the theater.

And, the boys were amusing and interesting. They started off questioning each other, then moved on to a discussion of various issues within the culinary world. They did open up mics for folks to ask questions, but it seemed more an invitation to drunk people to call attention to themselves.

And, since my friend has reached that point in pregnancy when it's obvious she's pregnant, I refrained from doing much that would call too much attention to us. If we'd been just two random audience members, I might have done something, but you humans are so quick to judge the pregnant ones . . . even if they are just the getaway driver.

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