Monday, October 10, 2011


I had a friend, years ago, who told me that people are only happy in retrospect. Makes me happy I'm a monkey and can appreciate being happy in the moment. Saturday evening, I realized I'd pretty much had the perfect day.

There wasn't any big event that made it super fun/terrific. It was really just a normal, quiet, easy day.

I got up early and took the stray to the vet. I picked up breakfast on the way back and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with Phenom. Then, I spent some time on the phone/playing computer games with my favorite 9 year old. Our favorite way to tease her is to ask her, in advance of halloween, if she's wearing a pumpkin on her head. She says that we "push her buttons" when we say silly stuff like that, but she loves it.

I did prep cooking. I roasted up a butternut squash for soup. I boiled sweet potatoes for a pudding.

We alternated playing with and being a bed for the kitten.

We watched sports. We were lazy. We had no obligations and our time was completely ours. Oh, and I finished off a bottle of wine. This time, getting fancy enough to use a tumbler rather than just swigging out of the bottle.

Yep. Perfection.

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