Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I don't get something. Coupon-mania.

I hear that coupon use is on the rise. There are now magazines and television shows devoted to couponing. I've seen blogs that rely heavily on regular posts about couponed hauls for content.

And, being a monkey that enjoys bargaining for stuff, I get the appeal of getting money off an item you'd normally be buying.

The things I don't quite get are a) it seems to me that the postings about the great couponed hauls are heavy on the processed foods. Boxes of mac and cheese or hamburger helper, multiples of candy or sweet desserts. And, b) where the heck do people store 56 rolls of paper towels and 128 rolls of TP? 15 bottles of shampoo fit under your sink? What about 20 boxes of tuna helper?

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