Wednesday, October 19, 2011


You know those stories of aliens living among us? How they take humanoid form and blend into society? For obvious reasons, I love those stories. I find their true-to-life experiences helpful in my own attempts to blend into human society.

When we found Everest, we noticed he was a little different than other cats. He has opposable thumbs. And, he has a tail that the vet says is "corkscrewed" on itself . . . meaning it's only about 2 inches long.
Early on, we noticed that Everest kinda acted different from other cats. He would hide during the day and then emerge at 10pm, precisely for dinner. He seemed to mimic the other cats' behavior. He also does the silent mew . . . his mouth opens, but no sound comes out. When new people come to our home, he immediately takes to them, as if they have come to rescue him.

Several years ago, a neighbor had a grey kitty that liked to get in our windows at night. Everest must have thought that the physical similarity must have meant it was from his planet, because he would bang on the window and squall at the top of his lungs, as if the say "tell the mothership I'm being held captive."

For the past two days, Everest has been banging and squalling. The alien invasion is coming, folks.

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