Sunday, October 16, 2011

Clueless and broken

Another come down from a fun filled mini-break to NOLA. We hit up our usual favorites: Camellia Grill, Pat O'Brien's, and Herbsaint. While waiting for the hostess at Herbsaint to organize menus and decide where to seat us, I noticed a tall man walk in behind us. He had a baseball cap on and a t-shirt with a fleur de lis logo on it. I admired the shirt. And then, followed the hostess to our table. When I was pulling out my chair to sit, Phenom asks "didn't you see him?" I cluelessly said "who"? The man in the cool t-shirt was James Carville. Maybe next time, I'll be less clueless and we'll invite him to join us for lunch and gossip.

But, the real take away from this trip is an injury. There is construction at the NOLA airport. There are barrels and ropes and plywood walk ways. I was headed towards the taxi stand outside baggage claim, when just as the words "watch your step" came out of my mouth, I stepped on uneven pavement and went tumbling . . . Phenom says in slow motion. I dramatically landed on both knees and then on my back. As I was, mid-bounce, rolling to my back, I felt and heard my rib pop. I'm now the whiny owner of a broken rib. You'd be surprised how many daily functions require you to have happy, whole ribs all around.

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