Friday, July 08, 2011

Needs Tweaking

When we're in NOLA, one of our favorite places to eat is the Camellia Grill. Usually, we take the street car through the Garden District and get off where the river bends for a diner experience. One of the items they are famous for are the freezes. Essentially, it's a milkshake . . . but it's not just milk and ice cream. It's milk, ice cream, flavoring, and ice. It gets blended up and is perfect on a humid, hungover day.

Tonight, I employed the magical drink maker to produce a freeze. I don't really know the "recipe" so I eyeballed it. Truth be told, I'd probably eyeball it anyway.

I used several (maybe 6) scoops of vanilla ice cream, maybe 1 cup of milk, and probably 1/3 cup of chocolate syrup. I set the drink maker for two drinks. I ended up adding a bit more milk, perhaps a 1/4 cup. I probably made it too thick. And, I thought perhaps it could use a little more chocolate syrup or a richer ice cream.

Phenom complemented me on it being cold. sigh.

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