Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Creepy Threat Level: High

I seem to have a knack for encouraging random humans to tell me their life story. Just the other day, I was mailing a package when the girl working the scale/register gave me a detailed history of her divorce and subsequent relationship with her now-ex. She even commented that she didn't know why she was telling me all this . . . while continuing to tell me about it.

But, this also means that from time to time I find myself in the position of having the really icky, TMI conversation with people. (WHY!!???)

Last night, I spent a bit of time before bedtime playing one of my favorite online games. As I was getting ready to shut down my computer, I noticed a guy I knew my first year of college and pretty much haven't seen since had sent me an instant message. This guy recently left his wife and three children because he felt he wasn't getting enough attention at home. He tried to justify his lame decision making but none of his arguments were compelling. I've more or less avoided him since. Including last night.

This morning, as soon as I flipped on my computer, he was right back on my screen. Sigh. I responded but not warmly. He wanted information. And then proceeded to tell me that a female "friend" was in serious and desperate need of gynecological care. But, she lives in another area of the state and for some reason he thought I'd have more information than what he could find on the google. (She lives no where near me.)

I got on the google, found an appropriate clinic and passed along the info. I kinda hope my lack of warmth will discourage anymore sharing of that sort in the future. Sadly, I think he wanted me to ask a bunch of questions and give him a lot of attention and back-slapping for being a concerned boyfriend. eeewwwwww . . . isn't this why we have the google? To quietly look up information on your own and avoid the TMI conversations with near strangers?

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