Sunday, July 31, 2011

Baby Shower

There has been something of a baby explosion with the Spider Monkey Lunch Forum. TWO babies this summer. The first baby monkey was the first child for the mommy-monkey, so we went for the traditional sort of baby shower . . . only in monkey style. The theme was "cover your ass" and we gave diaper related gifties. Because we are obsessed with bodily functions.

The baby monkey due to be born this week is the third such event for the mommy, so we decided she probably had all the basics covered. The baby shower event we're having this week is a "feed the fam" baby shower. We're providing food that can be stashed in the freezer and easily reheated. The new mother can serve them in the days when she's caring for the newborn, or she can wait until she returns to work and doesn't have the energy in the evening to prepare a meal.

I've spent the last couple of weeks flipping through my cook books in search of a recipe that is kid friendly (for the kids already on the scene) and would freeze/reheat easily. Today, after much consideration of the options, I picked a recipe for Chili Mac. I, myself, never was fed chili mac as a young monkey, but I hear human children love it. I will deliver it in one of those disposable casserole dishes so the new mother won't have to worry about coordinating returning dishes. And, I'll deliver it with a bag of shredded cheese with an October use-by date.

It seems a tad bland to my taste buds . . . but I suspect a layer of cheese and her young monkeys will be perfectly happy with it.

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