Sunday, June 19, 2011

Eating locally

After a couple of weeks of eating all veg from the farmer's market and Community Supported Agriculture program, Phenom was craving something a little south of the border exotic.

I made tostadas. Only, revved up with more than your usual veg. I cooked the meat as usual. . . browning it off, then adding onion and garlic (this time, both from the farmers) and a can of rotel. To top it off, I made a pico de gallo with tomatoes from my garden and onion/jalapeno from the farmers. Instead of the usual canned refried beans, I cut up pepper/onion/garlic/jalapeno from the farmers and added a can of black beans and a couple ears worth of corn I'd cooked and cut off the cobs a few nights ago.

Of course, there was the usual sour cream and guacamole. But, it seemed so much fresher and brighter than the middle of winter tostadas we usually get.

For pico . . . fairly finely chop a couple tomatoes, a small onion, and a couple jalapenos. Salt and pepper. Leave in the fridge for a couple of hours. No need to peel the tomatoes. I have beefsteak tomatoes in the garden this year, so not much in the way of seeding either. If you have lots of seeds, you might want to dump those so you just have tomato flesh. If you have fresh cilantro, some finely chopped would be a nice addition. . . just not too much. I think cilantro tastes soapy if you use too much. Pico is good as a salsa . . . or on any thing you want to give a boost of freshness to in your meal.

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