Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Law of the Animal Behavior Lab

I would love to be able to say I know the "law of the jungle" but seeing as I've never been to the Jungle . . . . . . sigh.

Anyway, right after the whole pact to throw poo whenever possible, we lived by one other rule. Who ever smelt it, dealt it.

And, I'm thinking this is appropriate with the latest "brit brit" brew-ha-ha. The media is all over a story that she ran over some pap's foot the other night.

Now, I'll never be accused of being sympathetic to the brit brit. But, I am ever so slightly addicted to tmz and other celebu-gossip sites. One of the things I find rather disturbing is the sheer rudeness of the paps as they hound the more popular celebutards. You will see in the celebutard footage the paps surrounding cars, stretched out on car hoods, and all the while incessantly flashing lights directly into the eyes of the driver.

Frankly, I'm surprised more paps haven't been run over before now - and I would get behind defining creating such a hazard to drivers as against the law with fairly strict punishments. I know that if I had those camera flashes popping off in my face as I tried to drive - there would be blood on my tires and cheap polyester in my grill.

And, the fact that the media is just grinding away as if the brit brit is the one at fault - well, it sounds like they smelt it first.

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