Sunday, October 21, 2007

In search of a table

As many of you who read the Chick's blog already know, she and I are planning a trip to the Big Apple. This trip, her first and my third, will be a museum crawl. I expect to have lofty thoughts and colorful dreams after this trip.

But, I also want to EAT. Because The Super Bongo loves food.

When I'm out and about, my one rule is that I have to eat stuff I couldn't necessarily get in my food-chain oriented town. The exception to the rule is I can eat food that is prepared in a fashion particular to where I'm visiting. For example, if I'm in Chicago, Chicago style pizza or hot dogs are acceptable. BBQ prepared in the local manner is good. Chinese food, so long as it is from a local, mom-and-pop type place is okay.

So, y'all who know the City -- tell me where you'd eat? We will be staying on the Upper East Side and hanging out around the Park. I'm not sure how adventurous The Chick is -- but I do know she likes well made food.

Where would you eat comfort food in the City? Where can I get the best bagels or pizza? If you were to dress up and treat yourself - where would you go?

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The Chick said...

I'm still waiting for feedback on my blog too. Where is the good advice?