Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Easily Addicted

As many of you may know - I embrace a few addictions. Steroids. Fruity. TMZ and YouTube. I don't indulge in internet porn - but I think I see everything on the net that isn't porn. (Perhaps if you humans combined Wild Kingdom and internet porn --- the chase, sex, and then kill and eat -- then maybe I'd be addicted to that too.)

I'm also completely addicted to the site meter. I get all happy when I see lots of hits. But, probably more important is the little world map function. I especially like it when you see that the internet address is something as expansive as "The Republic of Korea." Intellectually, I know it was just one human in that locale - but I like to think of the entire nation tuned in instead. Several months ago, one popped up several times that was "Wyoming" and of course, I assumed the entire state was tuning in. Maybe if I'd given them a shout out, they'd still be reading. sigh.

And, true to my human like ways, I am totally self centered in my site meter addiction - I pretty much never check other people's meters. Well, I use to check the Chick's until she got way more popular than me.

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The Chick said...

I haven't looked at my meter in a while. I'm more addicted to the peeps who hit my blog log page. It's not as sweeping as the sitemeter, but you can SEE who it is.....