Sunday, September 23, 2007

Death of A Mime

The most famous of all mimes died this weekend. If not for the theater leanings of the Phenom, I might never notice such a passing. Of course, the Phenom detests mime as an "art" form. In fact, when ever we are in New Orleans - a town over run with mimes - the Phenom waxes on and on about wanting to tackle the mimes and demand to see their papers, a "mime vice" if you will.

However the Phenom feels about mime - it still is the passing of an artist recognized the world over. How many folks in face paint can claim that? How many humans, for that fact? Or monkeys?

Now, that we've shown some respect . . . can you believe that they authorities are just now figuring out that the Brit Brit doesn't actually have a driver's license?


The Chick said...

You always know the most interesting and obscure factoids. How you do that?

The Super Bongo said...

I read everything. And, at the heart of it all, I'm a nerd.