Monday, September 24, 2007

Alien Boobs

I had a totally different topic in mind - but tonight at dinner my main squeeze and our guest urged me to bring our dinner conversation to the blog.

Last night, in fit of boredom, the Phenom and I watched perhaps 20 minutes of the HBO show "thinking xxx" about the porn industry. The show is a thinly veiled excuse to show naked people (huh, huh) on tv. They have a variety of porn stars and pseudo-intellectuals commenting on the industry. The only thing of any real value is the observation that porn stars have come into the mainstream of "celebrity" in our culture.

But, the image that left me scratching my ears are the "alien boobs." The part of the show we saw had a guy who was doing portraits of stars with and without their clothes in the same pose. The majority of the women photographed obviously had "enhanced" breasts. But, they looked like globules of flesh that wasn't at all sexy. Some women had caved in little chests and these almost "i.v. bags" dangling from their chests.

I have to wonder if men really do find this look "sexy" or attractive. What makes these women think this makes them "more" beautiful? Or, was L. Ron Hubbard more right than we'd like to think? (shudder)


Anonymous said...

Sexy comes in many shapes and sizes, but I don't think artificially-enhanced breasts (or hineys) are attractive when they're out of proportion with the rest of the body. There are probably some cases where a little augmentation works, but generally it doesn't work for me personally. I doubt I am much like "most people", though, or "most men."

Joe said...

I'm not a big fan of fake boobs either.

I mean, they have their place for women who may have had a mastectomy, but other than that why change who you are?

(Found ya via Chicky)

Jenn said...

I am not a man but I don't see how any woman in that industry can think like a normal person when it comes to what is sexy. I am sure making the movies realy takes away any reality to how they look or see themself.

shelly656 said...

One of my friends had a breast job to make her body more proportioned. She was 6'1 barefoot and her chest was smaller than mine. Now she looks great, she didn't get a monster one she got them to look natural. (I found you via The Chick also, great blog)