Thursday, August 23, 2007

A perfectly good plan, thwarted

I don't get to use the word "thwarted" often enough, you know?

Anyway, in just a few short (well, probably long) weeks, I'll be off on my all expense paid trip I got for being just wonderful at my job. (And, not as it was rumored, for being "on the edge")

I, and my fellow traveler, have airline tickets, reservations at a swank (again, another word I don't use nearly often enough) hotel, tickets for entertainment venues, and a street map of our city of destination. We worked up this whole scheme to have a limo on hand to transport us, magically, from the airport to the swank hotel. Yeah, the fantasy involved a uniformed chauffeur holding up a sign at baggage claim with my name on it and everything.

But, now the heartless employers say that they won't spring for the limo. Sigh. Woe. And, sigh again.

Maybe the attendants on the flight will take pity on me and pass me an extra bag of peanuts. That's equal to a limo, right?


The Chick said...

What is this trip you speak of?

stephanie said...

We should all use the words 'swank' and 'thwarted' more often. Although the latter is kinda sad, unless you're the one doing the thwarting...