Wednesday, July 11, 2007

fast and yummy

One of the things I always do while visiting the Old People is bring home several recipes. Sometimes they are from the Old Woman's mind - or her collection of family recipes - and other times from cook books she owns or has borrowed. Couple that with the bit of a Monkey-Crush I have on Rick Bayless, and I was over the moon for the Rick Bayless cookbook she'd checked out of the library. (Although, I can't imagine why - since she doesn't really do mexican food beyond the occasional taco.)

Anyway - I jotted down some ideas from his book. I will now share one with you that is worth you making your own.

remove 8 oz of chorizo sausage from it's casing (the mexican kind, not the spanish kind which is already cooked) and brown it up in a frying pan. Break it up pretty well - and don't let it burn. Pour off the fat that renders. Add in 1-2 well chopped garlic cloves - stir about a minute, and then add in a can of pinto beans - juices and all. Mash up the beans while you cook it. You want the liquid to cook down until the mixture is pretty thick.

I used this chorizo/bean mixture for burritos with cheese and a bit of sour cream. The Phenom has asked that I try it as a topping for tostadas or nachos.

Another think you could do is toss in a couple of jalapenos to the mix for some heat. I recently discovered canned pickled jalapenos. They seem hotter than the gringo jarred type - and they have slices of carrot and onion in the cans -- which are hot like the peppers too. (look for the canned pickled jalapenos in the hispanic foods in your market.)

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