Monday, June 11, 2007

Released from Captivity

Okay - so there were no bars or stun-guns or darts that make the room spin - but it was captivity all the same. Yes, I got stuck in the rut of never ending flight delays on my return trip this afternoon. I think the last count was 10 official delayed departure times, three gates, and they boarded and deplaned us once before actually putting us on a plane that could actually fly and all.

But, it was a freakin' great vacation. We flew first class -- which I'm telling you is totally the way to go --- they offer you all the food and drink you can handle - there is soft "ambiance" music and hushed tones and plenty of leg room. Our hotel room turned out to be a suite with lots of room and a full kitchen.

We drank. A Lot. We made friends with Ben and Damien at Clydes. We also made pals with John and Clyde at Clydes. And the bartender bought a round for us at Clydes. The BEST meal we ate was at a bbq place called Old Glory in Georgetown. YOU MUST try it. Get the fried catfish - and extra of the sauce -- oh my god, I could totally slather that all over a cutie and lick it all off later. It was that good.

We saw several museums and many famous bits of art. I was aghast when a "tween" reached up and touched the Monet. AAAAGGGGGHHHHAAAAA who does that?????? Fortunately, her father immediately caught it and chided her. I thought everyone knew not to touch the art - and surely all those signs demanding that visitors not touch the art would have made it more clear, eh?

But, in the tradition of last year's trip to Boston, we learned four things about Washington DC.

1) CVS and Starbucks have taken over in much the same fashion Dunkin Donuts has taken over Boston.
2) Everywhere you walk, you're always going up hill. I don't know how this is true, but the shin splints and blisters I'm suffering now are proof.
3) Kansas City has it's own Embassy. It's between the foggy bottom metro stop and georgetown.
4) . . . .. . . aw damn - I knew there was a fourth and now I can't remember it. Blame it on US Airways. I'll remember it eventually and share it.

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