Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Off to make trouble, perhaps

As of tomorrow morning early, I'll be off to the capital. I don't really plan to actually make trouble. It does seem to find me all by itself.

I hope to harass some street vendors. I totally love the whole bargaining thing. The Phenom generally hides when I dicker prices down. I love the competition.

I'm hoping I can consult with a few government scientist types about my cloning experiments. My little clone grows nicely - but never seems to be able to survive outside the growth medium. This is what I get for buying the clone "seed" in an alley way, I suppose.

I also plan to eat a whole bunch of food things I can't get where I live. Of course, it's not likely to have come from road sides, but I'm looking for something unusual. Maybe take in some music and art too.

Tonight, my mission is to find a fine bottle of single malt scotch. There exists one scientist type from the lab who knows my true identity. In order to keep him from outting me, I keep him quiet with a regular shipment of scotch. Sadly, it is getting harder and harder to find online retailers of scotch. Sigh. It would help if I could remember from shipment to shipment where I bought the last stuff. I guess I should lay off the booze too, eh?

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