Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It wasn't my first time, but it's been a long time

Today, I had a subversive activities gathering in an urban community about a 100 miles from where I usually hide out. Despite having to get up early, it was worth it because it gave me a chance to justify mcdonalds for breakfast as well as a couple of hours to screech along to my favorite tunes without causing humans to bleed from the ears. The meetings went well - the subversive type activities are progressing along nicely.

Then, there was the drive home. Which required tackling the urban traffic at the time when people are racing to get home. The roads are full - switching lanes when you realize you're in the wrong lane is impossible. And, it would seem that people in urban areas aren't as uptight about the whole "lanes" issue as we country drivers.

I'd already been forced to drive a few miles the opposite direction of home and hit an exit and fight my way through traffic to get the direction I intended to be going when I ran into a pack of asshats.

I'm already prone to using foul language in the privacy of my car. Due to the Phenom's insistence, I've pretty much given up creative gestures with my hands or leaning on my horn.

But, I was merging onto the major highway - and the asshat was driving as a comfortable distance behind me and I was just going to make it into a smooth merge when he effing hit the gas - and just as he got even with my car, he hit the brakes and signaled to move over to the exact spot I was occupying. I had to floor it and swerve dangerously between a couple trucks to avoid both of us occupying the same bit of road at the same time. And, up went my hand in a series of emphatic and universal gestures.

Gosh that felt good. But don't tell the Phenom. I'm sure I'd never hear the end of it.

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The Chick said...

"pack of asshats" ..... that phrase will keep me giggling for a little while anyway