Thursday, June 28, 2007

ahhhhhh the power

Evil side kick has this wonderful habit of text messaging me when she's going to be late to work. Having serious time issues myself - and having fired a former Annoying Side Kick for habitual lateness, this totally strokes my monkey ego.

This morning I received such a text -- I could see the frustration in her words that her vehicle wouldn't start. She has owned this vehicle less than a year, and this is the second (!) time this month it left her unable to travel. (Before was when I was exploring DC and she had a very important meeting -- which she was horrified to have to cancel.)

A little while into the morning, she called to say she was on her way. I urged her to be careful -- humans sometimes take extra risks when they hurry. When she arrived in the office, she announced she was the dork.

Given the number of times the label has been applied to me, I was interested in the story behind the declaration.

After being unable to start the vehicle herself - she roused her sleeping husband and a family friend to come "FIX IT!!!!" -- they pulled apart everything they could think of - they checked all the fluids - the tested the battery. All seemed in working order -- until she noticed she'd not fully engaged the gear - and that was the reason it wouldn't start.

Yep, she's the dork. But, I was struck by her insistence to her husband that he had to hurry and get it fixed because she thought I'd fire her or something stupid like that. Is she kidding? Where else am I going to find an Evil Side Kick who can read my mind before I have the thought? However, I am enjoying the illusion of power.

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